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The 10thAnnual BAWP awards celebrating the contribution of Women in Policing 

THE OUTSTANDING achievements of police women and staff were celebrated last week at the Marriott Worsley Park hotel in Manchester, hosted by the British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP).

The day included a three-course luncheon, our awards presentation to celebrate women in policing, networking opportunities, sponsor’s exhibition and guest speakers included:

Priscilla Morris                                  Loud and Clear 

Capt. Ellie Ablett                              Royal Navy Servicewomen’s Network

Commander Tony Day                    Provost Marshall (Navy)

Andy Rhodes                                   DCC Lancs and NPCC Lead for Wellbeing

This year’s winners of each award are as follows:



Highly Commended



Jo Moyce



Caroline Bowness



Lisa Dobson


Coaching & Mentoring

Rachel Evans


Coaching & Mentoring

Sara Crane

Devon & Cornwall

Coaching & Mentoring

Adele Owen


Community Service

Jane Harrison


Community Service

Mo Boyle

Police Scotland

Excellence in Performance

Julie Henderson


Excellence in performance

Alison Abernethy


Excellence in performance

Wendy Ryan



Clodagh Dunlop



Ramona Senior

West Yorks

Lifetime Achievement

Clare Burness-Knight

West Mids

Lifetime Achievement

Karen Giles


Lifetime Achievement

Sue Swift


Officer of the year

Nicola Pierce


Officer of the Year

Kathryn Barnett-Phillips

West Mids

Officer of the Year

Michaela Kerr

West Mids

Police Staff Member of the Year

Toni Hannigan


Police Staff Member of the year

Kirsten Bates


Special Recognition

Andrea Bishop


Special Recognition

Gina Denham


Special Recognition

Rachel Kibblewhite



Rita Armin



Deborah Willkie

West Mercia

Individual Citations and Photographs of the day are available on request.

(Photos by Lindsay Wilson Photography)

Further Inquiries

For press inquiries, please e-mail Secretary Nikki Butt on

Lifesaving use for old tax disc holders

An alternative use for tax disc holders devised by an officer could potentially save the lives of those involved in car accidents.

The Emergency Contact Disc is folded into three sections, obscuring the information from the outside eye and the template of which can be downloaded from the West Mercia Police website. All information is optional and the blank discs can be used to add customised information, or attach a passport photo to help link the information to the right person.

If there is more than one regular driver or even regular passengers, consider printing multiple discs and add a photo or description of each person. The Emergency Contact Disc can be used alongside existing medical alert products like bracelets and necklaces.

Extension to the right to request flexible working to all eligible employees

Working Families warmly welcomes the extension of the Right to Request Flexible Working to all employees.  Allowing all employees the right to request a change in the hours, days or place they work will speed cultural change so that flexible working becomes the norm.  This will benefit parents and carers (who already have the right) as research suggests that flexible working is more culturally acceptable if it is available to all, rather than seen as a concession to particular groups. 

The extension also offers gains to business. Many employer members of Working Families have for a number of years offered the right to request flexible working to all their employees, with very positive business results. The business benefits to employers are widely documented in terms of reduced absenteeism and sickness, increased productivity and improved recruitment and retention.

 “The main beneficiaries of the extension of the Right to Request Flexible Working on 30 June 2014 are those people who want to work flexibly for reasons other than a caring responsibility. Whatever the reason, individuals who want to find the right work-life fit for themselves will now find it easier to combine working with their outside interests and commitments”.

New guides to flexible working are available for both employers and employees at free of charge.

Integrating Gender into Internal Police Oversight 

DCAF (nothing to do with coffee - it's the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces), based in Switzerland, and working with UN, has produced a series of guides designed to help with integrating gender issues into police and security organisations. The full information is available on this download, and the police-specific one is available here.


Information needed on FGM   

Our sister international organisation, the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) is currently compiling a report to be submitted to our own government initially, and then at the UN in New York on the appalling offence of Female Genital Mutilation. If you have been involved in any way in dealing with tis issue, please take a few moments to read this letter from Jane Townsley, IAWP President and BAWP committee member and respond to her directly if you can help.                                                                         


 Helping you to help yourself: To what extent does mentoring enhance the self-efficacy of senior leadership in modern-day policing?

Insightful and thought provoking dissertation written by Jane McHugh. Please click here to read the full dissertation.


LadyCare - help for menopausal problems


BAWP members and Dorset Police personnel have been using a magnetic device to help alleviate menopausal symptoms for a number of years, and we were carrying some information about the original trials.  However, in a revamp of the site that link appears to have got lost, so the endorsement is now reinstated.  To hear what was said at the time please click here. For more information visit


The Flexibility Trap

Responding to Timewise Foundation’s new research “The Flexibility Trap”,

Sarah Jackson, Chief Executive of Working Families commented:

“This research shows there is a clear business case for change.  Flexible working is a means to an end – delivering highly productive, engaged and motivated workers.  Unless flexible workers are given equal opportunities for advancing their careers, the business benefits will be undermined.
Night work linked to double breast cancer risk

“We should not be asking women or men to choose between a work life balance and a career – it is high time they had both.  We welcome the Power Part Time list as it showcases best practice.  But all employers can learn from this research and consider flexibility in their job designs.  We’re working on a “Happy to talk flexible working” strapline for employers to include in job advertisements to ensure they are fishing from the widest talent pool.  The strapline will signal an employer’s willingness to discuss outputs, rather than hours, and open up many more jobs for potential part time applicants who keen to advance their careers without sacrificing family time.”

Further details on the research can be found on the Timewise Foundation’s website here:

Working night shifts for more than 30 years could dramatically increase women's risk of developing breast cancer, a new study has concluded. Nurses, cleaners, care workers, some shop workers, call centre workers and others who work night shifts for long periods can have double the risk of developing the disease than those who don't, the new study indicates. Canadian researchers examined 1,134 women with breast cancer and 1,179 women without the disease, but of the same age. Women were questioned about their work and shift patterns and researchers also assessed the hospital records for the women who suffered from the disease. The study, published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that those who had worked nights for 30 or more years were twice as likely to have developed the disease, after taking account of other potential risk factors, although the numbers in this group were comparatively small. The association was not found for those doing night shifts for less than 30 years. 'An association between more than 30 years of night shiftwork in diverse occupations and breast cancer is supported here, consistent with other studies among nurses,' the authors said. 'As shiftwork is necessary for many occupations, understanding of which specific shift patterns increase breast cancer risk, and how night shiftwork influences the pathway to breast cancer is needed for the development of healthy workplace policy.'

Anne Grundy and others. Increased risk of breast cancer associated with long-term shift work in Canada, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Online first, 1 July 2013. doi:10.1136/oemed-2013-101482 [abstract]. Medical Daily. Huffington Post.

Myths busted on flexible working, and no Tribunal fees for pregnancy discrimination


In response to the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee report out today on Women in the Workplace Sarah Jackson, Chief Executive of Working Families commented:

“We warmly welcome the Committee’s myth-busting findings and its firm belief that flexible working leads to the most effective use of the talent pool.  We are pleased to see their recommendations that all employees should have a right to request flexible working from the outset, and that we need reliable, consistent data on the extent of flexible working.  There are strong messages here for Government to take action to become an exemplar in flexible working and for employers to ensure that they are maximising the benefits that flexible work can bring.

“We raised our concerns about pregnancy discrimination with the Committee so we are particularly pleased with the recommendation that the Government collects data on pregnancy discrimination to monitor its incidence.  Ten per cent of calls to our helpline are about pregnancy discrimination and we know this is the tip of the iceberg.  We support the call for the Government to rethink the introduction of fees in employment tribunals for pregnancy discrimination cases:  such fees will contradict the Government’s laudable aim to reduce inequality in the workplace.”

Membership of International Police Association extended to police staff.

The IPA is an international association linking police personnel across the globe for social and training events. Membership has now been opened up to a much wider audience.  For more information on this scheme, see attached poster, and for general information on IPA go to


Police Roll of Honour Trust

The Police Roll of Honour Trust is a national UK charity that exists to ensure police officers who die on or in the line of duty are never forgotten. They have a specific list for women officers, at

Need help with your finances?

BAWP has entered into a partnership with Hanson Wealth, who will provide help and advice with various financial matters, and have a range of products available if you need them.  Just follow this link. 

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