British Association for Women in Policing 

100 Years  100 Women  - 1980's to 1990's

Alison Halford (1962-1992)    

Assistant Chief Constable, Merseyside Police   

Smashed through the glass ceiling for a lot of Policewomen 

Jennifer Hilton Baroness Hilton of Eggardon (1956-1990)   

Police Officer, Metropolitan Police Service    

First MPS officer to be ennobled

Brenda Mann     

Police Sergeant, Suffolk Constabulary   

West Suffolk force’s first and only woman police sergeant. 

Jackie Malton           

Detective Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service 

First female police officer to join ‘The Flying Squad’    

Janet Skeef (nee Bond)                

Police Officer, Sussex Police

First senior woman officer in Sussex Police and responsible for setting up the entire Policewomen’s department for the county in the late 60s       

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