British Association for Women in Policing 

Mentoring Award 2015

Awarded to an officer or member of staff who has distinguished herself with positive support, influence and assistance to women in law enforcement by developing programmes, training and/or policies benefiting female officers and/or police staff.

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Deputy Principal Carol Mounce Police Service of Northern Ireland

‘Her drive and determination has made it a success, her actions and vision have positively impacted upon all the people taking part.’

Carol’s challenging day job is as the Practice Manager of Occupational Health but Carol has, in her own time, and with great tenacity and purpose set up the PSNI mentoring and coaching scheme specifically aimed at female officers and staff at a time when PSNI had no formal schemes for women.  Carol’s initial business case was well researched and evidenced using national data to support her proposals.  In order to establish the scheme she worked tirelessly with the training department to identify mentors and coaches.  Carol knew she had to reach out to all female members of staff and used a range of literature describing the scheme and explaining how people could apply.    The mentoring scheme has grown even though it was initially set up for six months; the force now has 25 mentors - all volunteers.  This has led to mentoring extending beyond the police and into supporting local children in care to lead positive change.  One Chief Superintendent mentor said “I was reluctant at first, fearing it would detract from my day job but I have really enjoyed it and it has significantly helped my female colleagues”.

The scheme is run on behalf of the PSNI Women’s Police Association but the reality is that it is Carol’s scheme.  Her drive and determination has made it a success, her actions and vision have positively impacted upon all the people taking part.  

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Training Officer Anne Fellows, Dorset Police

‘Anne has inspired a great many people … with her exceptional positivity and caring attitude in developing others, especially women’.

Anne joined Dorset Police in 2013  as a training officer.  Her positive attitude has an incredible impact on others. She was involved in the initial delivery of diversity training for the whole Force.  Anne has been instrumental in changing the culture of Dorset Police.  She soon became a manager within the Leadership Department and was a key individual in developing an effective mentoring and coaching program within the organisation for both police officers and police staff.  She was also one of the key trainers within the core leadership development programme for leaders at all levels and those who attended the modules remember her ability to light up and energise a room. 

Anne has become a licensed trainer for the Springboard women’s Development Programme, which she has delivered in force for over 10 years along with Spring Forward and Fresh Steps.  Her ability to encourage others to flourish and her dedication are her legacy. She has made these programmes extremely successful within the force, and she has introduced the inclusion of other agencies such as the local authority and the Fire Service in the programme.  Anne has recently decided to hand over the reins (her words for retirement!) and really deserves this award for her commitment to others through the years.

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