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Super Sergeants pass Inspectors' assessment centre 



Women outshone men this year as they went through the national sergeant to inspector promotion process.

Ninety one female candidates took their OSPRE Part II assessment centre earlier this, of which 79 passed - a success rate of 87 per cent.

Of the 292 male candidates that took the test, 214 passed - a success rate of 73 per cent.

The pass rates were similar to last year’s, according to the College of Policing, which runs the tests.

he OSPRE Part II assessment is used by police forces in England and Wales to qualify officers to the rank of inspector. Those that pass can then apply for inspector roles through their local force procedures.

Nearly 300 candidates in total passed the tests, which were held at Harperley Hall in Durham and Bramshill, Hampshire.

This year's assessments saw 384 candidates attend - a decrease from last year, when 581 sat the assessment. Of the 384, a total of 293 (73 per cent) passed the assessment; last year 86 per cent (499 candidates) passed.

The assessment uses interactive exercises where candidates meet and interact with trained "role actors to deal with a rank-specific scenario. Meanwhile, a trained assessor observes, records and evaluates the candidate's performance against a prescribed behavioural checklist.

Each candidate interacts with five different role actors and is observed by five different assessors throughout the assessment.

Candidates are then assessed on criteria including decision making, leading change, leading people, managing performance, professionalism, serving the public and working with others.

The most successful age bracket for candidates was 25-29 where all eight of those who sat the assessment passed. Candidates who were aged 50 or over had the lowest percentage pass rate, with 17 candidates taking the assessment and nine passing - 53 per cent.

The higher the level of education the candidate had, their higher their likelihood of passing was; postgraduates had a success rate of 90.5 per cent while those with no formal qualifications had a pass rate of 66.7 per cent.

The candidates have been notified of their results.


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