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Picture perfect! Sussex celebrates century in style

A ONE-hundred strong group of female officers and staff have come together in Sussex to be part of a historical photo to celebrate 100 years of women in policing.

The image, set up by the Sussex Police Women's Network Group “Evolve”, saw women from across the force together with Policing and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne and members of her team.

Also shown in the picture are Chief Constable Giles York, Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith and one other male officer from the Evolve Executive.

The photograph, entitled “Challenge 100 Photo on the Lawn”, was taken as just one event from a number of celebrations commemorating a century since Grantham’s Edith Smith was sworn in as a constable with full powers of arrest.

The inspiration for the photo came when Sussex Police, researching the history of policing, uncovered old black and white pictures outside the force headquarters which “had lots of men with long moustaches and not a woman in sight”. The photograph would “redress the balance and create a photo for the history books that reflected women in modern policing”, a spokesperson for the force said.

Supt Di Roskilly, Evolve Chair, said: "We wanted to highlight how far we have come in the last 100 years and reflect the huge variety of roles that women now have in the force. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of our chief officers who have been hugely supportive of the work of Evolve.”

Olivia Pinkney, Deputy Chief Constable, added: "I'm thrilled to be part of the celebrations to mark 100 years of women in policing. Since 1915 women have worked extremely hard to keep Sussex safe, the photograph highlights the variety of roles women now have in the force. I am proud to serve alongside every one of my female colleagues from cadets, firearms officers, scenes of crime staff, PCSOs, as well as police staff.

“Evolve, the women's policing network, has done a great job of organising various events to mark this milestone - the award ceremony highlighted the amazing achievements of women over the years. Here's to the next hundred years of women doing great things in the force."

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