British Association for Women in Policing 

NPCC and Home Office Documents 

BAWP submission to Winsor Enquiry

BAWP has made a response to the Winsor consultation. Details here.

HSE advice to Policing

The Health and Safety Executive has launched a document which provides much-needed guidance for the police service on how the Health and Safety at Work Act should be implemented. The question of whether health and safety considerations inhibit the police in carrying out their duty is one which has been much debated. HSE and the Police Service are in agreement that a reasonable and practical application of the HSWA 1974 is necessary. This requires the wide operational duties of the Police Service (including protecting the public from crime) to be considered in deciding what precautions need to be taken to meet the services’ health and safety duties - both to protect employees and the public. In striking this balance, the service and individual officers may need to take risks in pursuit of protecting life, and HSE accepts that this will be reasonable in the circumstances.

ACPO guide to faith issues.

ACPO has issued guidance on the expression of beliefs in the workplace. Document is available here.

Affirmative Action.

There has been considerable discussion in the police press about the ACPO document on creating a diverse workforce, much of it clearly from individuals who have either not read the document, or who have failed to understand its contents. Nobody is suggesting that any standards should be lowered, just that if you have a pool of equally qualified people to choose from, consideration should be given to selecting those who will best help to produce a workforce more representative of the local population. Please click to download a copy.

ACPO document on Support Groups.

ACPO Equality Sub-Committee has published a document, prepared by Emma Mills of South Wales Police, on the benefits of Support Groups. You can download a copy here

Home Office guidance on additional selection criteria

The Home Office has issued guidance to forces on additional criteria that they can apply to recruitment selection procedures once the basic requirements have been met. Click to download a copy.

TUC wants a healthy approach to gender

The TUC has issued a checklist for health and safety reps to ensure that assessments are being made with due regard to gender. Click here for a copy.

Preventing Deaths in Custody

A new high level group has been formed to help reduce deaths in custody. The Forum for Preventing Deaths in Custody is made up jointly of healthcare and criminal justice professionals including police, prisons and the Department of Health. The main inspection and investigative agencies are also represented. The Forum has been set up in response to the influential report into deaths in custody from the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) made up of members of both Houses of Parliament. More information about the Forum can be found at

Jobshare website

This is an innovative online resource, which is initially funded by the Government’s ‘Quality Part Time Work Fund’ designed to open up more quality part-time jobs and help employers find ways of making flexible working possible.It also allows candidates to register on line, search for quality vacancies as well as potential job share partners. The site also allows employers to post higher-level flexible positions including full time, part time, job share and interim roles. There is also an on line guide available to employers entitled ‘Essential Guide to Job Sharing’ which provides everything an employer needs to know about implementing flexible working practices. Visit for more information.


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