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Chief Inspector Cecilia Dunster and Inspector Jackie Gold

Cecilia Dunster and Jackie Gold were seconded to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in August 2014. South Sudan is a country in conflict.

Thousands of civilians were killed as the conflict followed the ethnic lines of differing tribes. The conflict was predominantly by the two major groups of the Dinka and the Nuer. Members of both tribes sought protection from the UN in various locations around the country, this amounted to in excess of 100,000 people.

Deployed as part of a team to implement a community oriented policing model across South Sudan, they were hampered by the ongoing conflict.

Cecilia and Jackie began working in one of the Protection of Civilian sites in Juba both with clear work streams that would complement a policing model across the country when peace prevailed. Cecilia worked with South Sudan’s women lawyers and other legal representatives of the Civic Society to produce a project aimed at identifying displaced people under the protection of the UN and train them to be paralegals to support other displaced people with legal issues relating to recovering their homes. 

Jackie worked with displaced people in developing the Community Watch Group as there is no executive policing by the UN police who patrol the camps are very limited in their powers and have no access to the legal system in South Sudan. Jackie designed a training programme in basic problem solving delivered to over 150 Community Watch Group members. The aim of the package was to reduce demand on the UN and to empower the people. These groups now assist humanitarian organisations in registering displaced persons, distributing food, patrolling the camp and providing information to UN in relation to tensions in the sites.

Both initiatives can be rolled out across communities when peace prevails and both dove tail into the Inspector General of the South Sudan National Police Service confidence and trust building strategy to create safe environments so that internally displaced persons will have confidence to return to their homes.

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