British Association for Women in Policing 

Excellence in Performance 2015

Awarded to an officer or member of staff who has distinguished herself through her outstanding attention to duty or investigative effort leading to the identification, location or arrest of a major criminal.

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Joint Winner Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Reeves, Metropolitan Police

‘Rebecca has excelled in two areas of policing which has had a reputation for male dominance, firearms and organised crime’.

Rebecca joined the Trident Gang Crime Command as a staff officer DI with no formal experience of leading proactive teams targeting serious and organised crime.  She sought out a development opportunity to lead two proactive teams within Trident, targeting predominantly organised criminal networks and gangs who use and supply firearms.  In the last year, the team has recovered 77 live firearms. In particular, one case involved the seizure of a number of dangerous automatic assault weapons.

Rebecca has led strategic work with the Home Office and the legal gun and sporting community to critically examine legal loopholes being exploited by organised criminals to justify possession of Section 1 firearms.  The criminal justice process had reached a point where the defence of curio or ornament for antiquity purposes was being readily accepted by prosecutors and not being challenged.  Rebecca is still working with the Home office to get the law changed. Not willing to wait for this change, she has marketed the issue as a national threat by presenting to a number of key organisations and forums, so that the true problem is understood and law enforcement workers can find better solutions to tackle this issue under the current legal framework.  Rebecca has led on a number of strategic initiatives to restructure the MPS response to policing of organised crime

JOINT WINNER, Emma Hughes, National Crime Agency

‘consistently performs the role to very standard…. providing strong recommendations and creating bespoke evidential products for court’.

For nearly 9 years Emma has been a criminal intelligence analyst for the National Crime Agency.

Her analytical work has led to the successful prosecution of a high profile Liverpool criminal who was sentenced to 13 years for conspiracy to supply over £1 million worth of cannabis to Jersey.  The prosecution team were impressed by her original analytical products and her electronic presentation and evidence delivered in court.  Due to this success Emma was asked to support a confiscation case against this same offender.  Emma was required to analyse over 35,000 call records form 7 illicit mobile telephones in order to attribute usage and showing ongoing usage while he was in prison.  The analytical product painted a clear picture of an international drug trafficker and money launderer.  Emma’s work proved that being in prison had not deterred him from criminal activity and that he had orchestrated an importation of heroin from his cell.

Supported by Emma’s evidence, which she presented in court a confiscation order of £198 million was granted.  One of the largest ever orders in Europe.

Highly Commended 

PCSO Paula Perry, Avon and Somerset Police

‘Paula exceptional work has made a difference to these women’s lives’.

Paula has been a PCSO in Bristol since 2006.  Paula is outstanding in her ability and dedication to service to the public and delivering against Avon and Somerset’s service promise. Her meticulous attention to detail is second to none; she has a dogged determination to investigate all intelligence about her area. 

Paula is very well known within her community and is respected by residents, businesses, partners and colleagues alike.  It is evident from Paula’s intelligence reports and statements that she has been the thorn in the side of rogue trading companies who tried to operate within her beat, making countless interventions to ensure the protection of vulnerable victims of human trafficking. Paula’s diligent work formed part of a multi-agency operation targeting Traveller organised crime groups engaged in human trafficking of vulnerable eastern European women forced into labour, where more than 62 potential victims were identified and safeguarding measures put in place. She displayed a huge amount of care for those vulnerable and at risk of exploitation. Paula's exceptional work has made a difference to these women’s lives.

Regulating Petty Officer Cathryn Chambers, Royal Navy 

‘ inspirational role model to younger women across the Naval Service as well as within the Royal Navy Police’.

In 2013, RPO Chambers deployed as an Exploitation Coordinator/Evidence Manager leading a team of civilian scientists and military staff providing direct forensic intervention in relation to detainees. She immediately identified weaknesses in the collection of biometric data by Afghan Forces, which was leading to missed opportunities and unnecessary casualties. After overcoming the initial wariness of the Afghans in relation to female operatives, she undertook a dynamic training programme teaching forensic awareness and exhibit handling: this all took place in an environment of daily rocket attacks on the camp and a fatal insider shooting. Her training led to a vast improvement in the quality of exploitable seizures. 

Subsequently, she personally provided a 24-hour response to calls from Forces on live operations through which she ‘triaged’ the most effective means of securing the best possible evidence given the surrounding circumstances. Her training and exhibit management led directly to arrests and justice in local Afghan Courts.  Furthermore, by changing the working practices of the Afghan Forces in relation to evidential awareness and exhibit seizure, she has hugely assisted in the populating of Law Enforcement Databases that will remain an important weapon in the fight against international terrorism for years to come.  Her outstanding performance and maintenance of the highest standards led to the identification and prosecution of a number of criminals.

Throughout her career, RPO Chambers has always endeavoured to champion and support the status of female Police Officers and is the Royal Navy Police (RNP) liaison for the Naval Servicewomen’s Network. She has always sought out new challenges that demonstrate women’s abilities in all areas leading her to be selected as a RNP investigator on the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) working alongside and supporting civilian colleagues in the investigation of the most serious crimes, the success of which is critical to the UK’s international reputation. In all her endeavours. Whether on-board ship off the coast of Libya in 2011 conducting Non-combatant Evacuation Operations, thereby adding  to her wealth of Operational Experience, or specifically in her most recent assignment in Afghanistan, she maintains the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, and not only does the Navy proud as a proficient and capable young policewoman, but as a UK representative, she does the country proud. 

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