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  • To raise the awareness and understanding of issues affecting women within the Police Service.

  • To facilitate and contribute to discussions on issues of concern to all officers - providing wherever possible the female perspective.
  • To develop a network of professional and social contacts between officers nationally and internationally.
  • To facilitate the sharing of information on issues affecting the Service, and women in particular.
  • To contribute to the continuous professional development of all members.

We have: 

  • Actively participated in meetings at the Home Office with Home Office Ministers and their staff, and had them as speakers at our own events.

  • Played an active part in developing 'The Gender Agenda' from its initial launch on August 21 2001 to its relaunch as 'Gender Agenda 3' in October 2014. It is a living document which has been embraced by the Home Office.
  • Piloted a specially-designed Management and Leadership Development Course for women officers - later absorbed into main-stream courses by Centrex (now NPIA) at Bramshill.
  • Organised twice yearly Professional Development Days on topics as diverse as: Body Armour for Women Police, Building Alternative Working Practices, and Violence against Women.
  • Established good working relationships with HMIC, Police Federation of England & Wales, Police Superintendents' Associations, National Black Police Association, Gay Police Association, National Disabled Police Association, National Transgender Police Association and National Association of Muslim Police, in order to work together on issues of mutual concern

We also produce a quality magazine 'Grapevine' for the benefit of members and others.

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